d-MEMP Email Archive for Fall 2015

Duke Master of Engineering Management Program: Congratulations! (Email #1)

Dear Applicants,

Congratulations on your admission to the Master of Engineering Management Program! We hope that you'll join us in August and become a member of our newest distance cohort. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at memp@pratt.duke.edu. We're here to help!

This email kicks off a series of emails that the Admissions Team will send to help you understand all that Duke has to offer. This information will be sent out as it becomes available and be archived online here. Today's note is brief - an overview of resources as you decide on the program (if you haven't already).

Admissions Ambassadors
As mentioned above, our admissions team can help with your questions, but sometimes, you have questions that only a student or alum can answer. Happily, we have a group of alumni and current students who volunteer to contact admitted students to answer questions from a student's point of view. Common topics include anything from courses to life in Durham to careers. We have asked an Admissions Ambassador to contact you in the next few weeks, and we hope that you will find this helpful.

Note that we assigned someone to contact you only if you gave us permission when you applied.

Connecting with Potential Classmates
If you're on Facebook, there's a group for Admitted d-MEMP students. Join in the conversation and get a head start on getting to know your classmates!

Other Questions?
Questions should be routed through the admissions office (memp@duke.edu) for now. Your question will be forwarded to the correct person if we cannot answer it directly.

We both hope that  you will become a member of the Master of Engineering Management Program, and hope to see you in Fall 2015. Please let us know if we can help with any questions.


Susan Brown and Erin Degerman
Admissions Team
Professional Masters Programs


Duke Master of Engineering Management Program: Course Registration Information (Email special!)


My name is Staci Thornton and I'm the Academic Coordinator for the Professional Masters Programs.  I help students with academic planning, including course registration and graduation requirements. I wanted to let you know that you will be able to register for classes by Friday, April 17.  Until your official transcripts and I-20 information (international students only) have been received and processed by the admissions office you will not be able to enroll in courses.  If you have received your NetID and password, you are eligible to enroll.  Please note there is a high volume of mail that still needs to be processed.

Please read this e-mail carefully!  To register for classes, you will need to sign in to ACES using your NetID and password. For instructions on how to register for classes, please review the ACES- How To Guide.  Remember that Bookbagging your classes it NOT registering for classes.  You have to book bag your classes and then Enroll in them.  See the ACES- How To Guide for more information.

In the d-MEM Program, you are required to complete the following courses to graduate:

  • Four core courses which include Marketing, Law, Finance, and Management. Most students take EGRMGMT 510- Marketing and EGRMGMT 530- Finance during their first semester.
  • Two Technical Elective courses
  • Two Focus Area electives
  • Attend Three Residencies: Orientation, Mid-Program, and Capstone-  Your first Residency will be Sunday, August 9- Friday, August 14 and more information will be available soon.  
  • Two Capstone courses, EGRMGMT 550 and 551, which should be taken in your last semester before your final residency.  Most students use their work experience for this final project but you will still need to enroll in both courses during your last semester.

Important: Distance-MEM Sections: Before you start enrolling classes, please note that some sections are for the Distance-MEMP students only.  You should only enroll in these sections:

  • EGRMGMT 510.04 Marketing
  • EGRMGMT 530.04 Finance in High Tech Industries
  • EGRMGMT 560.02 Project Management
  • EGRMGMT 562.02 Operations Management
  • EGRMGMT 574.02 Commercializing Technology Innovations
  • EGRMGMT 590.02 Designing Customer Experience
  • EGRMGMT 590.04 Managing Product Development
  • EGRMGMT 590.08 Computational Finance 

As you are thinking about your schedules for Fall 2015, there are some helpful ways to make course decisions.  We have added many resources to Sakai.  You will need to go to sakai.duke.edu and login using your NetID and password.  You will then need to click on Membership on the left hand side, then click on Joinable Sites at the top of the page under “My Workspace: Membership”. Then search for MEMP/MEng Resources.  You will then click join and have access to the site. To access the site, click on My Current Sites and MEMP/MEng Resources should be listed there.


Course Introduction Videos- Professors have taken the time to create course introduction videos that are available on the MEMP/MEng Resources Sakai site.  You can view the videos in the Warpwire tab on the left hand side.  Not all of these courses are offered via distance, to check if a class is offered, please see the distance course offerings on our website.  Professors have provided their e-mail addresses at the end of each video so please feel free to reach out to them and ask any questions!


Sample Syllabi- You can find syllabi for Fall and Spring courses on Sakai.  Go to the MEMP/MEng Resources Site and click on Resources -> MEM Academic Info -> Sample Fall Syllabi or Sample Spring Syllabi.  These are subject to change but can give you a good idea about what the syllabi will be like for the upcoming semester.


Fall Course Student Panel- This semester we held a student panel about Fall courses which you can view on Sakai.  Go to the MEMP/MEng Resources Site Site and click on the Warpwire tab on the left hand side.  The video is called MEMP Course Preview Session Fall 2015.


Previous Course Evaluations- When you are searching classes in ACES, there is an option to view previous course evaluations.  You just click Course Eval and it will give you a list of all previous course evaluations.  Instructors of courses can change so make sure you are looking at the correct instructor.  Not all courses have course evaluations available to students so if you don't see it for a course, then it is not available.     


Let me know if you have any questions!



Staci Thornton
Academic Coordinator
Professionals Masters Programs
Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University
919-684-3905 (office)
919-668-2888 (fax)

Duke Master of Engineering Management Program: Next Steps (Email #2)

Dear Applicants,

This is the second in a series of emails that the Admissions Team will send to you to help you as you explore all that Duke has to offer. If you miss anything, note that all email is archived online at . This month, we'll talk about Residency 1, the beginning of courses, and tuition information.

Accepting or Declining the Offer of Admission

Admitted students should complete the Enrollment Form found in their admission letter to formally accept or decline the offer of admission.  The form includes a brief survey where the applicant indicates that they'll be coming to Duke or not, with follow-up questions that the program uses to understand how we can better serve applicants. Please complete your form by the deadline indicated in your letter.

Note that we do not require a deposit to accept the offer of admission.

Official Transcripts
As you are aware, your application was reviewed and an admissions decision was made using unofficial, scanned copies of your transcript(s). If you want to accept our offer of admission and will enroll in the program, we require official copies of those transcript(s). A separate email will be sent to remind you of this once you accept the offer of admission.

The cohort model is an important part of the program, and a cornerstone of that model is Residency, a week-long experience that allows you to build community with your fellow students, faculty, and staff.

Residency 1 will take place August 9 through 14; you may arrive at any time on Sunday, August 9th, and you may depart after 2:00 PM on Friday, August 14th. Residency is required as part of the program; it is not optional.

The week will cover a variety of topics including program introduction, distance technology overview, business simulation activities, professional development workshops, and case study discussions.

Students will be housed in individual rooms at the Millennium Hotel Durham, blocks from the Duke University campus. Reservations will be made for you by the program, and breakfast, lunch, and some dinners will be provided.

Students are responsible for initial transportation to and from campus. Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) is located approximately 25 minutes from Duke and is served by many ground transportation options. Transportation for residency activities will be provided.

Courses will begin on August 24th. Course registration is ongoing as students matriculate.

Tuition and Financial Aid Information
Tuition is billed in the summer and is usually due in August. Estimated Tuition and Fees for 2015-2017 are now available online, and payment information is available at finance.duke.edu/bursar.

If you are planning on applying for a federal Stafford or Perkins loan, you can complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form at www.studentloans.gov.

For further information on FAFSA and the U.S. Department of Education’s student aid programs, you may call 1-800-433-3243 seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to midnight (Eastern time). When completing the FAFSA form online, you will be asked for Duke’s Title IV code; it is E00165. Once you have received confirmation that your forms are complete and have been forwarded to the University, a financial aid officer will complete your aid award. If you have any questions during this process, you may contact Ms. Lisa Roop-Wioskowski who manages Graduate Financial Aid at 919-681-3247 or grad-finaid@duke.edu.  

We're here to help.
If you have any questions, please let us know at memp@duke.edu. Also, if you haven't already joined the Facebook group for Admitted d-MEMP students, take a look. We have several current students on hand to help with any information you need. Start posting!

That's it for today. Please let us know if we can help with any questions.


Susan Brown and Erin Degerman
Admissions Team
Professional Masters Programs