Official Transcript

Your application was reviewed and a decision was made using unofficial, scanned copies of your transcript(s). If you choose to accept our offer of admission, you'll need to provide official copies of those items. 

For official electronic copies from your registrar, send to the Admission Office at

or mail paper copies of your documents to the following address:

Professional Masters Programs
Pratt School of Engineering
Duke University
3120 Fitzpatrick Center (FCIEMAS)
Box 90271
Durham, NC 27708-0271
Phone: (919) 660-5455

Each transcript must bear an official signature in ink of the appropriate official at your institution (such as the registrar or recorder of records) and must bear the institutional seal.

If you have already completed a degree, please request that the school send us a final transcript showing all work completed and the conferral of the degree. We realize that, if you completed your degree very recently or are still enrolled in a degree program, your final, official transcripts may not be available until May, June, or even July. If this is the case for you, please DO NOT wait until May, June, or July to have your official transcripts sent to us. Instead, please request that your educational institutions send your most up-to-date transcripts as soon as possible. Then, once the final transcripts become available, please request that these be sent as well.

We are aware that some international schools issue only one official transcript. If this is the case for the schools you attended, you should not send these documents to us, since no materials submitted in support of an application will be returned to you. You should send instead exact copies that have been stamped as "Certified True Copies" by the appropriate institutional official of each institution that you attended. Uncertified copies are not acceptable.

If your original transcripts are not in English, please provide BOTH the original official transcript AND an English translation.

Please note that you will not be able to matriculate or register for classes until we have received your official transcripts; therefore, it is imperative that you send the required transcripts to us as soon as you are able to do so.

Questions? Contact us.