Seminar & Workshop Series

WorkshopWeekly Seminars offer students the opportunity to interact with top industry leaders, experienced business managers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and small-business owners. Designed to introduce students to different aspects of business and industry, the series also includes information on career opportunity and development. A weekly post-seminar reception allows students to talk one-on-one with speakers and network with their peers.

Duke's unique Workshop Series allows students to further develop marketable business skills in an intensive, interactive environment. Topics are selected through input from industry, program administrators, and students. Workshop topics include:

  • SUCCESSFUL TEAMWORK: Students participate in a fun, interactive learning exercise that challenges them to think about how groups problem-solve, communicate, broker conflict, and evolve through experience. This workshop requires students to collaborate with peers to solve an electric maze under various constraints.
  • HOW TO OUTCLASS YOUR COMPETITION - BUSINESS ETIQUETTE FOR SUCCESS: Students attend a catered lunch to demonstrate the art of dining graciously. Topics include the art of introductions, conducting interesting conversation, interview etiquette, conduct in public places, business meals, and thank-you notes.
  • COMMUNICATION AND CREATIVITY IN THE MOMENT: Using principles and techniques from improvisational theater, students explore ways to enhance creativity and become more dynamic and authentic communicators. Innovation, adaptation, and problem solving are the core competencies approached in this workshop’s examination of the creative process. The communication component of the program focuses on both public speaking and small-group interaction. Read more about using improv to improve communication skills.
  • PUMP UP YOUR PROFESSIONALISM: Students learn how to convey a powerful, professional image and make great impressions while interacting with other, focusing on non-verbal interaction as well as strategies for effective business collaboration.
  • NETWORKING TACTICS: Students learn how to use a small network to reach dozens of insiders and decision makers, get the right messages to the right people, and speak effectively and comfortably with their contacts.
  • CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS: Students learn how to handle communication issues within groups through activities and demonstrations, with a focus on the exploration of cultural differences and ways in which they can provide learning opportunities rather than conflict.
  • LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE: This two-day session provides students with a practical exposure to leadership and communication fundamentals through a dynamic and experiential event. The program includes one day of classroom instruction in leadership (key skills, knowledge and abilities relevant in a team context, personal self-awareness and leadership development) and one day on a "ropes course".

Required Course (2 semesters)

EGRMGMT 501: Engineering Management Seminar/Workshop
Current topics in applied engineering management and entrepreneurship. Weekly seminar series. Workshops are offered every two to three weeks. Credit/No credit. Staff (Spring and Fall Semesters)