Seminar & Workshop Series

WorkshopWeekly Seminars offer students the opportunity to interact with top industry leaders, experienced business managers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and small-business owners. Designed to introduce students to different aspects of business and industry, the series also includes information on career opportunity and development. 

Seminar Series: Spring 2018

             Rob Coyle, VP North America Supply Chain and Global Logistics, GSK
             Scott Zufall, Director, R&D, Stryker


Duke's unique Workshop Series allows students to further develop marketable business skills in an intensive, interactive environment. Topics are selected through input from industry, program administrators, and students. 

Workshop Series: Spring 2018

  • Electric Maze - This is a fun, interactive learning exercise that challenges students to think about how groups problem–solve, communicate, broker conflict, and evolve through experience.  
  • Low Ropes Course - This challenge course uses group games and initiatives in a progressive format to develop trust, cooperation, and teamwork. 
  • Dream, Girl – This documentary film showcases inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs, and is followed by a group discussion about mentorship, gender dynamics in the workplace, and sources of support.
  • Women’s Networking Tea – Female students meet and learn from potential mentors in industry and academia.
  • Ethics for Developing Leaders – This presentation provides a practical look at key components of leadership that build and sustain personal and organizational ethics at work. 
  • Improv – Thinking on Your Feet - Using principles and techniques from improvisational theater, students explore ways to enhance creativity and to become more dynamic and authentic communicators.
  • Writing Matters for Engineers - Students learn some of the common missteps in writing for engineers and tips and tricks for more polished and sophisticated writing.
  • Communication Essentials – Rock star communicator Tim Flood shares the secrets of dynamic presentations.
  • Visual Presentation Design & Delivery – This session provides a comprehensive introduction into the design, planning, and practice techniques key to presenting information in a clear and compelling manner.
  • On-Camera Communication –An Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist turned executive communications specialist teaches students how to deliver clear, concise, and compelling messages . . . on camera. 
  • Make Your Mark! Boost the Effectiveness of Personal & Professional Communications with Visuals – Students gain insights into the latest visual communication methods for documenting complex information and new ideas.
  • Leveraging Your Personal Executive Presence – Students gain insights into presenting the best version of themselves in all business settings – from casual networking conversations, to phone interviews, to high-stress presentations.  
  • 7 Habits for Highly Effective People – This workshop provides a powerful life transformation that fosters greater productivity, increased influence in key relationships, stronger team unity, and complete life balance.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Explore personality types as they relate to teamwork, utilizing the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. 
  • Strengths Finder – Students have one-on-one coaching sessions with a certified Strengths Finder coach.
  • Fake News:  Separating Fact From Fiction - In this hands-on workshop, students learn how to distinguish fact from fiction and navigate the complex information environment of fake news, clickbait, misinformation, predatory journals and more. 


Required Course (2 semesters)

EGRMGMT 501: Engineering Management Seminar/Workshop
Current topics in applied engineering management and entrepreneurship. Weekly seminar series. Workshops are offered every two to three weeks. Credit/No credit. Staff (Spring and Fall Semesters)