Distance Degree Requirements

The core of the Distributed Master of Engineering Management program consists of four engineering management courses developed in partnership with the Duke School of Law and the Fuqua School of Business. In conjunction with the core courses, four technical elective courses provide additional expertise in areas of individual student interest. Two electives are selected from one of three Focus Areas: Operations Management, Financial Engineering, or Innovation and Commercialization. Focus areas allow students to demonstrate a command of knowledge in one specialty.

d-MEMP students have the option of attending classes on site at any time. The opportunities to interact with residential MEM students include physical class attendance, project collaboration, and class assignment partnering through teleconferencing, student forums and other media alternatives.

To receive a d-MEMP degree, the student must complete:

Download the d-MEMP program overview.

Example Curriculum

A sample curriculum for the d-MEMP degree program is shown below; d-MEMP students can extend the program on a case-by-case basis. See scenarios that allow a student to take more than two years to complete the program.

  Fall (September–December) Spring (January–May)
First Year
  • Orientation Residency at Duke (one week)
  • EGRMGMT 510 Marketing
  • EGRMGMT 530 Finance
  • EGRMGMT 520 IP Law
  • EGRMGMT 540 Management
Second Year
  • Mid-program Residency at Duke (one week)
  • Focus Area Course
  • Technical Elective
  • Focus Area Course
  • Technical Elective
  • Capstone Residency at Duke (one week; includes EGRMGMT 550/551)