Eugene Goodson, Executive Chairman, Southwall Technologies Inc.

Dr. Goodson has held leadership positions in education, in the federal government, and in industry. He taught Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University for two decades. He was Chief Scientist of the U.S. Department of Transportation during the first energy crisis. He led a major electric and hybrid vehicle study in the late seventies for the Electric Power Research Institute and the U.S. Department of Energy. Since 1981, he has held increasingly responsible positions in industry. He initiated the JIT supply of seats for the US automotive industry capturing Nissan, Honda, and Toyota business in addition to that of the big three. As Chairman & CEO of Oshkosh Truck for 8 years in the 1990s, he positioned this supplier of heavy trucks for outstanding growth and market leadership. For six years from 1999, he taught operations management at the Michigan Business School. Joining a private equity company, he led two small companies as CEO from near bankruptcy to excellent profitability and growth. He is currently chairman of the board of two companies and on the board of two others. His current professional activities are leading workshops with companies that want to improve their profitability and growth. These workshops are based on his 2002 paper in the Harvard Business Review entitled: “Read a Plant–— Fast” based on his experience with the Toyota Production System.