Aakruti Mehta

Aakruti Mehta
Class Year: 
Job Title / Company: 
Sr. Business Associate, Business Rotational Program, Gartner

Undergraduate Degree: BTech in Chemical Engineering, Institute Of Chemical Technology (India)

Why did you choose your program and area of study?

The MEM program gives you the ability to combine your engineering knowledge with the business acumen you need in industry. It's a great bridge between business and engineering, and it gives you the ability to learn from the best and interact with people with diverse experiences.

Briefly describe your Duke Experience.

Duke has been an important part of my life both personally and professionally. It taught me to look at things differently and be a better individual. Interacting with professors and colleagues from different backgrounds truly enriched my experience. It has helped me integrate my tech skills with business acumen, preparing me to be more successful in my career. It also opened a plethora of opportunities due to the immense Duke network. Attending the basketball games was the cherry on the cake :)

What impact has the degree had on your career?

The Master of Engineering Management at Duke is a perfect mix of Engineering and Management courses, which helped me bridge the gap between the two. The program gave me the ability to hand pick the class that would be beneficial in industry based on my background and experience. The courses gave me experiences that were essential in elevating my communication, team building, and various other interpersonal skills. In all it has been a great experience that has helped shape my career.

What advice would you give to prospective applicants - those who are just beginning to explore graduate options at Duke?

There is something for everyone at Duke. It's not hard to find your niche here. The faculty and staff here really care about you and are invested in your success not only at school but after you graduate too. The courses are very flexible and can be aligned to your background and where you want to be in the future.

Lastly, Duke has a great brand and alumni network which gives you opportunities to grow in any direction.

What advice would you give to admitted students who are considering Duke?

Duke is the best school! You will always be surrounded by smart and intellectual faculty members and students who want to make a difference. It is an interconnected world which gives you a global experience and a perceptive understanding that will help you achieve success in any path. Duke provides you with a global network of MEM students, alumni, and faculty that will facilitate career progression.The campus is beautiful and the basketball games are some of the best experiences you will ever have!