Adam Kohn

Adam Kohn
Class Year: 
Job Title / Company: 
Sr. Polymer R&D Innovation Engineer, Nike Inc. in Portland, OR

Briefly describe your d-MEMP experience, including the impact on your career.

d-MEMP did an exceptional job helping me advance my skills as an engineer through practical business-driven classes. The program's flexibility enabled me to cater the program to my specific needs while still remaining fully connected with the other professional students in the program. Most importantly, the classes are relevant to industry.

The cohort of students enrolled in the program was also a huge plus (if not my favorite part). The program was more to me than just coursework and studying. The cohort became my academic family, the faculty/staff became my career mentors, and to this day, Duke is a core part of who I am as an individual, professional, and leader.

The d-MEMP program helped me develop from an Engineer into an Innovation Leader. Through the 2-year program, I grew both intellectually and emotionally, which empowered me to take charge of my career and eventually land my dream job.

How did the program's flexibility suit your needs? How were you able to manage the program with your work/home life?

The ability to watch the classes remotely enabled me to appropriately balance my job with schoolwork. This allowed me to remain fully engaged at work during the day, with evenings reserved for academic and group coursework. The assignments are long term, providing flexibility for professionals that travel for work or have families.

Most importantly, the classes are all extremely relevant to industry. I was able to directly apply what I learned from class into my daily functions at work.

What advice would you give to prospective applicants?

d-MEMP allows you to advance your professional career while still remaining loyal to your engineering background. Engaging with a cohort of students over the 2-year length of study helps to develop your network and broaden your understanding of teamwork and global leadership. To this day, I am still extremely close with my cohort. And even though we live around the globe, we still stay in touch remotely and in-person.

I take great pride in being a Duke alumnus. I have a feeling you will feel the same. But the only way to find out is to apply!