Andrew Cartey

Andrew Cartey
Class Year: 
Job Title / Company: 
Business Strategy Senior Manager, Accenture

Undergraduate Degree: BSE, Structures and Structural Systems, University of Georgia

Published anything lately? An article on innovation and disruption in the oil and gas industry

Why did you choose your program and area of study?

After completing my undergraduate engineering degree and working as a mechanical engineer for a Fortune 500 Resources company, I was looking to direct my career towards more front office business and management career paths. The MEM program provided me with an avenue to develop skills and experiences needed to make this change.

Briefly describe your Duke Experience.

The Duke experience was truly unique and provided significantly more benefit than I had expected. The three major components of the experience were the: course material, professors and program staff, and the other students. All of these aspects were top-notch and enhanced my experience in different ways to help mold my professional capabilities and build my personal brand. All of these experiences happened within the larger Duke campus, which is in itself an enriching environment.

What impact has the degree had on your career?

The degree has opened doors for me to shape my career along the path I desired before I came to Duke and started the MEM program. The degree has also provided me with a recognizable credential, which helps me build new and meaningful business relationships. Finally, the degree has also connected me with a network of highly distinguished alumni in and around the cities in which I work and travel.

What advice would you give to prospective applicants - those who are just beginning to explore graduate options at Duke?

Explore the content available online, but also be sure to have conversations with former students, faculty and program staff. You will find the people at Duke are more than willing to take time to help you understand the different programs and help you make the best decision for your career and personal aspirations.

What advice would you give to admitted students who are considering Duke?

In your evaluation, be sure to consider the intangibles of studying at Duke. Becoming a part of the Duke family and network is a life (and career) changing adventure. Being a part of this campus, even for a limited time, will help you grow both personally and professionally and continue to pay dividends long after you have graduated. Finally, be sure to connect with the career services team that supports the program you are interested in joining - this team will be critical to helping you secure your ideal job/role after completing your studies.