Ashwini Rao

Ashwini Rao
Class Year: 
Job Title / Company: 
Business Technology Consultant, Deloitte

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, India

Why did you choose your program and area of study?

Coming from an engineering-intensive undergraduate institution, I was extremely keen on pursuing a Masters that blended the best of both worlds - engineering and management. The Duke MEMP offered that very option that would pave the very path towards becoming a "Business Savvy Engineer". Focusing on Project Management and Competitive Strategies to understand the industry principles led me to the Duke Master of Engineering Management Program.

Briefly describe your Duke Experience.

The 18 months at Duke University are always fondly cherished. The culture, basketball frenzy, the people and "Southern Hospitality" are some of the many takeaways from my time at Duke. Duke University and my Masters program was a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures and cuisines. Academically, the professors were some of the best minds I have interacted with, and getting the leading industry expertise to the podium inspired us to bring the best of solutions to the table.

What impact has the degree had on your career?

The very best! Duke University and Deloitte Consulting share a very strong relationship through Alumni Relations. I had a huge network of Duke alumni to ask career oriented questions and progress through multiple projects, expanding my portfolio of work and solutions delivered.

What advice would you give to prospective applicants - those who are just beginning to explore graduate options at Duke?

I would suggest that they reach out to the Professors and Graduate Program Council about the various options they are exploring. Reaching out to the alumni is another option they should leverage while researching their options on the choice of program and specialization based on the future career they envision. Since, Duke offers the flexibility in the choice of subjects students can enroll in, students must most certainly take advantage of this.

What advice would you give to admitted students who are considering Duke?

  • Please reach out to the alumni for any questions you may have
  • You are making a great choice by considering Duke University - Go Blue Devils!
  • The student community, professors and staff are the very best whom I have had the pleasure to interact with
  • Duke University provides the best of resources for you to make the most of your career and also for any question/doubt you may have