Brandon Ray

Class Year: 
Job Title / Company: 
Executive Integrator/Chief of Staff, Boeing, St. Louis, MO

Briefly describe your d-MEMP experience, including the impact on your career.

I, like many other student professionals, didn’t lack enthusiasm. However, the debate was still out on whether I truly understood how to transform continued learning into elevated career performance. Since enrolling in the program, I have held two positions with significantly increased responsibility and sphere of influence.

How did the program's flexibility suit your needs? How were you able to manage the program with your work/home life?

The program allowed me to work with other students who knew the hardships of pursuing a higher level degree as a working professional. It was common for students to take team calls even while traveling the world for business. Open communication led to easy rescheduling when necessary and generated accountability to contribute when possible. That is highly representative of today’s work environment. We are not limited by time or geography. It is often our relationships that get things done in the workplace when seemingly impossible.

What advice would you give to prospective applicants?

Every aspect of d-MEMP has the potential to nourish your progression. Challenge yourself weekly to experiment with something you’ve learned in class. It will not only enhance your understanding of the information, but you will soon find new and interesting avenues for growth.