Jarvis D’Souza

Jarvis D’Souza
Class Year: 
Job Title / Company: 
R&D Design Engineer, Stryker

Duke MEM in three words: Growth, network, diversity

What do you do at Stryker?
I design and develop surgical instruments for minimally invasive spine procedures.

How has your Duke MEM experience impacted your career?

The MEM program helped me discover what I’m passionate about by giving me opportunities to explore different disciplines, learn about the range of career opportunities ahead of me, and tailor the degree to fit my interests and goals. In addition, the program’s applied coursework put me in real-life scenarios that set me up for success and career growth in high-tech industry.

How does Duke’s MEM program prepare the next generation of technical business leaders?

Duke’s program provides a complete learning experience and focuses on students as complete people – not only their technical skills or business knowledge. The program helps students grow as professionals and teaches them how to work with high-tech industry’s most valuable asset: people.

What advice would you share with current Duke MEMP students?

I would tell current students to take advantage of the many opportunities and experiences Duke has to offer. Because there are so many courses, programs, groups, and people to learn from, I suggest picking a few things that really interest you and get as involved with them as possible. Don’t spread yourself too thin, but take time to explore experiences outside your comfort zone.

What is the best thing about being a Duke MEMP graduate?

Being a Duke graduate means you’re part of a network that spans the country and the globe. I’ve been able to stay connected with lifelong friends I made during my time in the MEMP and continue to make new connections with fellow Duke graduates.