Jonathan Steflik

Jonathan Steflik
Class Year: 
Job Title / Company: 
Engineering Manager, Black & Veatch in Louisville, KY

Briefly describe your d-MEMP experience, including the impact on your career.

My d-MEMP experience was transformative. The knowledge and skills I acquired not only bolstered my career, but also helped me improve many other aspects of my life. The d-MEMP program teaches industry standard practices, cutting edge technical theory, and critical leadership proficiencies for the modern engineer.

How did the program's flexibility suit your needs? How were you able to manage the program with your work/home life?

The online and in-class options provided easy access to course content and instructors. The d-MEMP facilitators and administration were advocates for the success of my cohort. Even though I was working full time, married with two children and a third on the way, I felt I had the full support of the staff and my cohort to ensure my success in the program.

What advice would you give to prospective applicants?

If you are on the fence, go for it! The d-MEMP program is hard work, and worth it.