Karna Vishwas

Karna Vishwas
Class Year: 
Job Title / Company: 
Client Services and Operations Leader, Google

Undergraduate Degree: BS, Mechanical Enginering, Osmania University (India)

Why did you choose your program and area of study?

I was considering an MBA, but found the MEM to be more relevant as I wanted to continue working in Tech (and it was significantly cheaper at the time).

Briefly describe your Duke Experience.

Apart from being a great life experience, it taught me to be disciplined and prioritize ruthlessly.

What impact has the degree had on your career?

The MEM gave me unique skills that enable me to be "the product guy" in sales meetings and "the sales guy" in product meetings.

What advice would you give to prospective applicants - those who are just beginning to explore graduate options at Duke?

In your application, you should be able to describe in 1 sentence what unique value you will bring to the program.

After the program, have multiple options for where you might want to land.

What advice would you give to admitted students who are considering Duke?

This is a great program if you are looking to get into tech. We need technical people who can speak business!