Tiff Cremer

Class Year: 
Job Title / Company: 
Sr. Innovation and Design Engineer, Amazon in Seattle, WA

Duke MEM in three words: Leverage, learn, lead

Describe your position at Amazon.
I invent, simplify, design, and implement engineering solutions to complex problems. I lead large and incredibly cool engineering transportation projects. I manage chaos to develop optimal solutions for the transportation network through equipment specification, material flow, process design, and site layout.

How has having a MEM degree from Duke influenced your career so far?
The Duke network is awesome. I’ve reached out to Duke alumni to learn about their careers and leveraged the local alumni networks in every new city.

There is even a Duke alumni community within Amazon, which includes more than a few d-MEMP (Distributed Master of Engineering Management Program) grads!

What did you like most about your Duke MEM experience?
My favorite part of the program was the lasting relationships I built within our cohort and with the faculty. As a new manager, being able to compare my work experience and environment with peers in different industries and companies really helped normalize what I have experienced at work.

Do you have any suggestions for students currently in the program?
Enjoy it! Work closely with faculty to learn all you can, and spend time with students from different backgrounds and with different experiences.

If you could do it all again, what would you do differently at Duke?
I would spend more time in Durham! As a distance student, I was on campus for only about three weeks.

What does Duke’s MEM program do to prepare future technical business leaders?
The program challenges students in real-world scenarios with diverse teams. Because business doesn’t come with rules or assumptions, the skill of working through problems with people who see the world differently is very important.

What is the best thing about being a Duke MEMP graduate?
Duke sweatpants – they're amazing. Also the alumni network and faculty. But the sweats really are awesome.