We require a resume highlighting experience, activities, and leadership, whether in the classroom, in a volunteer setting, a club or organization, or on the job. Work experience is not required for the campus program, but current undergraduates can focus on any internship experience they have.

If you have a preferred format, please use it. If you don't, you might find it helpful to view a couple of sample resumes below from former MEM students; each example includes the student's resume before and after the program (you may even find a typo in the "before" version). Notice the kind of information they highlight. Generally, students with little experience should be able to get their resume down to a maximum of two pages.

Student Background Before the MEM Program After the MEM Program

United States
Recent Graduate

Example 1A Example 1B

1 Year Experience

Example 2A Example 2B

Recent Graduate

Example 3A Example 3B

South America
3 Years Experience

Example 4A Example 4B