Shantanu Thube

Shantanu Thube
Class Year: 
Job Title / Company: 
Product Manager Intern / The Trade Desk
  • Duke MEM Elective Track: Product Management and Entrepreneurship Tracks
  • Previous Education:  BS, Mechanical Engineering
  • Hometown: Pune, India

Before coming to Duke

I was completing my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University until Spring 2020. In the summer, I helped my friend on his startup, improved my filmmaking skills, and continued looking more into entrepreneurship while networking on LinkedIn.

Why I chose Duke Engineering Management

As someone who wants to get into entrepreneurship in the long term, product management seemed like the closest industry-job which required a skillset similar to that of an entrepreneur. I also knew that the aspect of management was missing from my formal education, which prompted me to look at the Engineering Management master's degree. After speaking with few students and alumni, I realized that Duke had a solid reputation for Product Management, which eventually cemented my interest in pursuing the MEM program at Duke.

My favorite courses

I really enjoyed the Marketing and the Competitive Strategy classes. Marketing introduced me to the world of making great products for specific segments than mediocre products for everyone. I also learnt the core basic concepts of a company, such as creating value for the customers. Competitive Strategy case assignments pushed me to expand my repertoire by exploring industries I was not familiar with. I enjoyed working on cases happening right now as we speak, as opposed to cases from a decade or two ago.

My top places to visit in Durham

Guglhupf Bakery, Cloche Coffee (for chill study vibes), MEM Suite (check out aromatherapy equipment!).

Ways I gained leadership experience during my time at Duke

  • Co-Executive Director of Marketing at Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators (DISI)
  • Student Product Manager at the Duke Product Management Club
  • Strategy Research Assistant at Duke's Fuqua School of Business
  • Duke Engineering Masters Ambassador at Duke's Pratt School of Engineering
  • Teaching assistant for the Managing the Product Development course

My favorite Duke MEMory

Connecting with alumni and bonding with them over Duke, speaking with career services team, trying to make MEM program better for the next cohort!

After Duke MEM

I am working as a product manager intern for The Trade Desk in the Bay Area! My long-term vision is to get heavily involved in entrepreneurship, both as a founder and as a venture capitalist.

My advice to new students

Check out the resources available to you as an MEM and as a Duke student as soon as you can. It is better to know all the help available to you at the beginning of your time at Duke rather than at the end of it. Also, remember that after all, MEM is an industry-oriented program. Spend enough time regularly networking on LinkedIn, exploring internships/job opportunities, and applying for them. But also remember to take a day or two off to rejuvenate whenever needed!