Gain valuable experience in industry

Our students complete an internship with a company anywhere in the world and work on a well-defined project (EGRMGMT 550). A final internship report and presentation (click to view examples) must be submitted and both must be approved by the course instructor before credit can be given (EGRMGMT 551). Internship contributes 6 credits towards graduation. See course descriptions below.

Students are responsible for finding and establishing an internship, though there are several resources that can help in the search. Students who are still enrolled in undergraduate study are encouraged to use their institution's career center, and previously employed students should use their experience as described below. International students may use Curricular Practical Training (CPT) to complete the internship after completing two semesters in F-1 status.

Using Previous Work Experience

Students who have been employed in an appropriate capacity for at least three months after receiving their undergraduate degree may use a project from their job in lieu of an internship. These students must enroll in EGRMGMT 550 and EGRMGMT 551 and both the written report and oral presentation are required.

Required Courses

EGRMGMT 550: Engineering Management Internship

A three credit internship which requires participation with a cooperating organization, whether local or distant, involving a well-defined set of tasks. Full-time employment in an appropriate capacity may be utilized for this internship. This course must be completed prior to or simultaneously with EGRMGMT 551. 3 credits. Staff (Spring, Summer, and Fall Semesters)

EGRMGMT 551: Engineering Management Internship Assessment

This course involves the assessment of a student's internship experience via a report and oral presentation. The questions and general format of the report and presentation will be provided by the instructor. The report and presentation will be evaluated by the instructor and both must be approved to obtain credit for this course. Students must have completed or be simultaneously enrolled in EGRMGMT 550 which is a course designated for the internship experience. 3 credits. Staff (Spring, Summer, and Fall Semesters)