Joint or Dual Degrees

Joint Duke Engineering management / Environmental Management Degree

A joint Master of Engineering Managment/Master of Environmental Management degree allows students to earn both a Master of Engineering Management degree and a Master of Environmental Management degree in as little as 24 to 28 months rather than three years, providing students with significant tuition and time savings. Further information » 

Duke MBA / Master of Engineering Management

If a student has completed an MBA from Duke's Fuqua School of Business, we allow a waiver of three (3) Master of Engineering Management core courses: Marketing, Finance/Accounting, and Management.

Thus, a student can receive a Duke Master of Engineering Management degree by completing 5 additional courses, the internship requirement, the seminar and workshop series and other miscellaneous required activities in the MEM program.

The 5 courses the student must complete include the required "Intellectual Property, Business Law, and Entrepreneurship" core course and 4 technical electives. Admission to the Master of Engineering Management program is separate from admission to the Fuqua School of Business.

Because of the timing of these requirements, we advise you to apply at least one year prior to the graduation date of your MBA degree.

Application Fee Waiver

An application fee waiver is available for Duke students »