Flexible Degree Options

Available within the Duke Engineering Management Campus Program

Shady Elbassiouny“As a Duke Engineering Management student, I had the freedom to choose courses from other Duke graduate and professional schools. This flexibility was one of the most important aspects for me.”

Shady Elbassiouny '19 | Business Development, Tyrata, Inc.

Program Flexibility

Part-Time Study

Duke's MEM Program is available on a part-time basis. About 10 percent of our Campus students choose this option.

Our program consistently offers electives and at least one section of each core course during late afternoon hours to make it easier for part-time students. The majority of our courses meet only once per week.

Important Notes

  • If a student does not plan to take any classes for a semester or more, the program requires a leave of absence.
  • See Duke's semester listings. Our courses are offered under the symbol EGRMGMT.
  • Part-time students apply using our standard application.

Extending the Program Beyond a Year

Though the Duke Master of Engineering Management can be completed in one year, students can extend the program to three (3) semesters.

This option is available to students starting in the spring or fall. About 60 percent of our international students choose this option.

Please note that Career Services has found that staying a third semester does not improve a student's chances for employment.

You should consider extending the program if you:

  • Would like to take fewer courses to leave more time to adjust to the program or for the wide variety of activities that Duke offers
  • Want to take additional courses (Note: Courses beyond the eight (8) required courses may incur additional tuition.)

How to Extend the Program

Speak to a program administrator so that correct registration limits are set.

Example Curriculum: 3 Semesters

Fall 1 Spring Summer Fall 2
EGRMGMT 530 Finance EGRMGMT 540 Management Internship* Technical Elective 3
EGRMGMT 510 Marketing EGRMGMT 520 IP, Bus. Law & Entrepreneurship EGRMGMT 550: Engineering Management Internship Technical Elective 4
Technical Elective 1 Technical Elective 2   EGRMGMT 551: Engineering Management Internship Assessment
EGRMGMT 501 MEM Seminar and Workshop Series EGRMGMT 501 MEM Seminar and Workshop Series    

Non-Degree Student

Those who do not intend to obtain a degree but are interested in coursework may take courses as non-degree students.

  • Non-degree students may take any course designated EGRMGMT, including core courses and technical electives
  • Non-degree applications should be submitted by November 1 for Spring courses, and June 15 for Fall courses
  • Non-degree applicants are required to submit all standard application requirements, exception GRE scores
  • If a non-degree student later chooses to seek a degree, a maximum of four (4) EGRMGMT courses taken as a non-degree student may be applied to the degree program

Minimum Pre-Requisite Course Requirements

Math Courses
  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Calculus III (or Statistics, or another math course beyond Calculus II)
Technical Courses
  • A minimum of two (2) courses in engineering, computer science, mathematical science, or physical science

Dual-Degree and Joint Programs

With Another Duke Engineering Graduate Degree

Duke Master of Science and PhD students in other academic departments of Duke's Pratt School of Engineering may use up to three (3) graduate engineering courses as technical electives from the Duke Engineering Management Program.

Generally, these courses should be taken concurrently with the MEM degree or within the previous four years. Through this program, an MS or PhD student can receive the Duke Master of Engineering Management degree by completing:

  • The five (5) additional courses
  • An internship
  • A seminar and workshop series
  • Miscellaneous required activities

Important Notes

  • Separate tuition is charged for Engineering Management courses
  • Admission to the Duke Master of Engineering Management Program is separate from admission to other graduate programs
  • Interested students should complete our online application for admission
  • Because of the timing, you are advised to apply at least one (1) year before the graduation date of your Duke MS or PhD degree

Dual Master's with Environmental Management

This joint degree program can be completed in two to three years. Students are charged flat tuition for the first two (2) years of study—which is less than studying for each degree separately.

In this 60-credit program, students earn both:

Important Notes

  • Separate application and admission to each professional school is required
  • Students requiring additional coursework beyond four (4) semesters will incur additional charges
  • Students do not receive either degree until all requirements for both degrees are completed

 Typical Schedule




First Year

Engineering Management Internship (6 credits)

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • 2 Engineering Management core courses
  • Engineering Management Seminar/Workshop
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Management
  • 2 Engineering Management core courses
  • Engineering Management skills/tools course
  • Engineering Management Seminar/Workshop

Second Year

Environmental Engineering Internship (not required)

  • Engineering Management elective
  • 2 Environmental Management courses, in an in-depth area
  • Environmental Management tools/skills course
  • Environmental Management Master’s Project (3 credits)
  • Engineering Management elective
  • Environmental Management course, in an in-depth area
  • Environmental Management tools/skills course
  • Environmental Management Master’s Project and Seminar (4 credits)

Third Year

Completion of Environmental Management Master’s Project

Optional semester to:

  • Complete Environmental Management Master’s Project, and
  • Any additional credits needed


Dual Master's with Business Administration (MBA)

For students who complete a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke's Fuqua School of Business, we will waive three (3) Master of Engineering Management core courses. This allows those Duke MEM-MBA students to receive a Master of Engineering Management by completing:

Prospective students should apply at least one year before completing their Duke MBA.

A separate application to the Duke Master of Engineering Management program is required.

As a Focus within Duke's Master of Science in Global Health

Students in Duke's Master of Science in Global Health may complete a focus in "Engineering Project Management" by completing specified Duke Master of Engineering Management courses. 

Interested Duke MS-GH students should consult with their academic advisor.

Semester Exchange with Dartmouth University

Duke Students at Dartmouth

Duke Master of Engineering Management students can attend one semester at Dartmouth University's Master of Engineering Management Program in the Thayer School of Engineering in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Dartmouth's program allows students to take courses that parallel Duke's program.

Current Duke Engineering Management students should look for information on the exchange on Sakai. Prospective students can contact the Duke MEM Program office for more information:

Ask about Dartmouth

Dartmouth Students at Duke

Dartmouth engineering management students interested in spending a semester at Duke should read the Dartmouth/Duke Exchange Policy and complete the 'Dartmouth at Duke' Application Form.

For US Navy Nuclear Propulsion Officers

Duke MEM-Navy Program

Through a partnership between Duke and the United States Navy, Nuclear Propulsion Program Officers are given credit for their training and service and earn a Duke Master of Engineering Management by completing just six (6) courses instead of the usual eight (8).

Duke will recognize:

  • Six (6) hours of technical elective credit (equivalent to two Duke courses) for Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program training
  • The internship and capstone requirements (EGRMGMT 550 and 551) for naval service

How to Apply

  • First, contact your commanding officer to discuss the program and gain approval
  • Then, have your commanding officer submit a Letter of Support via the recommendation portion of your online application

Important Notes

  • Upon enrollment, US Navy students must provide a copy of their Joint Services Transcript
  • There may be other miscellaneous required degree components beyond coursework
  • For more information, contact memp@duke.edu

For Current Duke Students

Duke Engineering Undergraduates - '4+1: BSE+Master's'

Duke undergraduates studying engineering can complete their Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) and a Master of Engineering Management in just five (5) years.

Students in the 4+1: BSE+Master's Degree Program get a head start in this accelerated program by taking graduate-level courses during their senior year.

Visit pratt.duke.edu for more information »


Duke Graduate and Professional Students

Duke graduate and professional students who are not enrolled in the Duke Master of Engineering Management Program may register to enroll in some Engineering Management core courses and technical electives on a space-available basis and with the permission of the instructor.

Instructors will require outside students to have sufficient background for the course. They may also limit enrollment of outside students for any pedagogical reason.

Duke students not in the engineering management program who wish to enroll in a Duke Engineering Management course should:

  • Complete the Course Registration Permission Form
  • Obtain permissions from the instructor and from their home department
  • Return the completed form to the Duke MEM Academic Coordinator at memp_ac@duke.edu, or in-person to the Duke MEM Office, 3120 Fitzpatrick Center
  • The submission deadline is the Last Day of Drop/Add, which is usually two weeks after the start of a semester

Important Notes

  • Course Registration Permission forms are not processed until all Duke Engineering Management students have a chance to enroll—so outside students may not be added to a course as late as the end of the first week of a semester
  • Outside students will not be added to waiting lists but are added to classes in the order in which they completed their forms
  • Generally, no more than five (5) outside students are allowed to enroll in any one course in any one semester
  • Outside students may not utilize these courses later for a Duke Master of Engineering Management degree

For more information, contact the Duke Master of Engineering Management Program office.

Note on Student Transfers

If you are interested in transferring from another institution's graduate program to Duke's MEM Program, please know that students really do not “transfer.”

Instead, graduate courses taken at other institutions may be used to fill Duke's core required courses with the Duke MEM Director's permission.

Even so, all Duke Engineering Management students are required to take eight (8) courses at Duke.