Professionalism and the 5 Principles

Graphic of Professionalism and the Five Principles

At the core of Duke’s Master of Engineering Management curriculum are Professionalism and the Five Principles

Taken together, these are areas where Duke Master of Engineering Management faculty and staff want to create core competency and a shared view, and to deliver a common teaching experience to our students.

These core concepts are reinforced throughout our master's degree program.

Jeffrey Glass"Professionalism and the Five Principles represent the professional behaviors which will help make our graduates successful—both in the workplace and in life."

Jeffrey Glass
Hogg Family Director of Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship

PROFESSIONALISM and the 5 Principles


Competence and skill expected from a professional


Ability to communicate ideas effectively


Lead and contribute to high-performing groups

Critical Thinking

Solving complex problems


Tackling ethical issues in technology


Valuing people and creating value for people