Distance Residencies

Distance students explore adora-bull Durham.

d-MEMP offers a unique blend of learning delivery. The program combines the flexibility of remote coursework with close interactions and support of a cohort, residential students, and faculty. A key component of the success to building a community for each class is our Residency program. Each d-MEMP student is required to attend three on-campus residencies throughout the duration of the degree.

Residencies allow d-MEMP cohorts to meet, interact and bond, as well as learn valuable tools for successfully navigating the d-MEMP delivery format. d-MEMP students also have the opportunity to get to know residential MEMP class members with whom they will be engaged on projects and class assignments. Being on campus enhances communication with professors and faculty, allowing the one-on-one personal interaction necessary to forge strong ties and relationships with mentors. Through our residency roundtables and workshops students build career development skills. Finally, social activities planned for these three week-long stays provide a way to enjoy the camaraderie of classmates.

Read more about each residency below, and view our distance calendar for more information.  

Orientation Residency

One week prior to the start of classes in Fall Year 1

This residency initiates the d-MEMP program. Program introductions and updates are delivered, expectations are outlined, and students have the opportunity to experience the Duke community. Highlights include distance technology/tooling overviews, workshops, faculty interaction, and social activities for d-MEMP cohorts and MEM residential students.

View sample Orientation Residency agenda

Mid-Program Residency

One week in July between Years 1 and 2

This residency provides students an opportunity to reconnect personally with faculty and cohorts. Seminars and workshops focusing on professional development and business simulation activities will be required to supplement the remote classroom experience. Social activities will further enhance relationship building amongst distance cohorts.

Capstone Residency

One week prior to May Graduation in Spring Year 2

The culmination of the d-MEMP program, this residency provides students the forum for final class presentations and assessments. Interactions, discussions, and feedback mark the integration of learning and application. Social activities during this residency will bring cohorts together for a final shared experience. Students participate in Duke's graduation ceremonies alongside campus students.


Members of our Class of 2015 reflect on Residency and the value of the cohort model.