Aristobulo Loaiza


Adjunct Instructor in the Pratt School of Engineering

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Adjunct Instructor in the Pratt School of Engineering

Contact Information


  • Ph.D. Purdue University, 2008

Representative Publications

  • Loaiza, A; Ronau, JA; Ribbe, A; Stanciu, L; Burgner, JW; Paul, LN; Abu-Omar, MM, Folding dynamics of phenylalanine hydroxylase depends on the enzyme's metallation state: the native metal, iron, protects against aggregate intermediates., European Biophysics Journal With Biophysics Letters, vol 40 no. 8 (2011), pp. 959-968 [10.1007/s00249-011-0711-6] [abs].
  • Loaiza, A; Armstrong, KM; Baker, BM; Abu-Omar, MM, Kinetics of thermal unfolding of phenylalanine hydroxylase variants containing different metal cofactors (FeII, CoII, and ZnII) and their isokinetic relationship., Inorganic Chemistry, vol 47 no. 11 (2008), pp. 4877-4883 [10.1021/ic800181q] [abs].
  • Abu-Omar, MM; Loaiza, A; Hontzeas, N, Reaction mechanisms of mononuclear non-heme iron oxygenases., Chemical Reviews, vol 105 no. 6 (2005), pp. 2227-2252 [10.1021/cr040653o] [abs].
  • Zoidakis, J; Loaiza, A; Vu, K; Abu-Omar, MM, Effect of temperature, pH, and metals on the stability and activity of phenylalanine hydroxylase from Chromobacterium violaceum., Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, vol 99 no. 3 (2005), pp. 771-775 [10.1016/j.jinorgbio.2004.12.017] [abs].