Are MEM students eligible for Resident Assistant positions? What are the benefits? How do I apply?

A Resident Advisor is an on-campus work position in which a student lives on campus and serves as an advisor to other students living on campus. 

Perks include: free housing with a meal plan included, on-campus location so very convenient getting to and from class, and a small stipend. Students report that it's a great option!

Time commitment can range depending on weekly responsibilities. RA's are expected to be on-call during certain times over the semester and hold programming events for their residents. Overall, RA's foster community-building, safety, and a positive atmosphere for their residents.

Applicants find out about their acceptance into the RA or GR role before they hear back from MEM, but that is not an issue.

The interview process involves a few short essay questions, submitting a recommendation, and an on-campus interview (which can be done over the phone/Skype).