Boeing's Learning Together Program

Duke University is proud to be part of Boeing's Learning Together Program, where Boeing engineers can earn our Master of Engineering Management degree in just two years through our low-residency distance model.

Program Information

To receive the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree, distance students must complete:

Students take two courses per semester/four courses per year. Extending the program is allowed on a case by case basis.

View a Sample Curriculum

  Fall Year 1 Spring Year 1 Summer Year 1 Fall Year 2 Spring Year 2
Residencies Orientation Residency at Duke (one week)   Mid-Program Residency at Duke (one week)   Capstone Residency at Duke (one week)
Core Management Courses EGRMGMT 510 Marketing EGRMGMT 520 IP Law   EGRMGMT 530 Finance EGRMGMT 540 Management
Focus Area Electives EGRMGMT 562 Operations Management       EGRMGMT 563 Supply Chain Management
Technical Electives   EGRMGMT 590 Innovation Management   EGRMGMT 560 Project Management  

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