2009 Grad "Bridges the Gap" with MEM degree

May 21, 2013

Brad Pantuck at the MEM Hooding Ceremony in 2009.

Brad Pantuck, MEM 2009, has published an article, "Bridging the Gap," in the May/June issue of Defense AT&L Magazine. In it Pantuck asserts that it's best for government R&D managers to set a short timeline (2-3 years) for new technology delivery and establish firm agreements among developers, end users, and operational stakeholders at project inception.

Brad writes:

"I continue to extract value from my Duke MEM education, and I continue to think of myself as a 'T-shaped individual,' working at the junction of engineering and business/management. I appreciate the tutelage and mentoring I received during my time in MEM."

A graduate of the University of Virginia in Mechanical Engineering, Brad graduated from Duke with his Master of Engineering Management degree in 2009. He focused on the commercialization of technology, studing the management of technology, R&D organizational structures, prototyping, intellectual property strategy, and technology entrepreneurism. As the capstone of his studies, he and an interdisciplinary team of students were Finalists in the 2009 Duke Start-Up Challenge with a business plan for a vaccine company based on Duke Hospital intellectual property. He now serves as Technology Transition/Transfer Manager at Research Analysis and Engineering, LLC.