5th Annual MEMPC PriSim Business War Games Competition

January 18, 2017

Duke is proud to annouce this year's teams competing in the 5th annual MEMPC PriSim Business War Games Competition.

Will either team be able to repeat last year's success?

Team 1
  • Raunak Bhavsar
  • Fajar Prihantoro
  • Mark Henry
  • Stella (Yuiqi) Huang


Team 2
  • Sneha Mekhale
  • Alejandro Meza Romero
  • Chiraag Devani
  • Meichen Liu


In the competition, teams of four students are put into the role of a management team that takes over one of several companies competing in industry. Each team will face the same issues:

  • Developing a business definition and implementing a profitable long-term business strategy
  • Identifying market opportunities and creating product/service offerings to satisfy them
  • Analyzing competitors and understanding their strategic intent
  • Creating the corporate infrastructure necessary to sustain growth
  • Allocating scarce resources among products, functions, and other investment alternatives
  • How to communicate and influence effectively on a team-based project

The competition is managed and moderated by PriSim Business War Games in conjunction with the Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium.

Best of luck!