Anand Sharma, co-founder and CEO, TBM Consulting Group

The Antidote for Global Challenges...

Leaning Forward – Building & Leading 21st Century Business

Join Anand Sharma, TBM founder and CEO of TBM Consulting Group (, as he shares his vision for building and leading 21st century business. Understand how LeanSigma is a business strategy for growth and profitability– and how lean is a process for identifying and eliminate waste and unreasonable activities.

MEM students in particular will be anxious to combine your valuable engineering and business
background to create game-changing growth and differentiation for your respective companies.
Encouraging and sustaining innovation is a key principle of transformational leadership. Anand will highlight the TBM approach to high-velocity new product development called Design for LeanSigma®. Learn from real-life examples of companies who leverage lean product development to go from concept to market three- to four-times faster with development costs 50-75% less than current costs. Think about our role as a business-savvy engineer and how you can contribute to making a product development model that is critical part of your company's growth strategy.