Daniel Egger, Founder and Chairman, Open Source Risk Management LLC

April 10, 2008

The Black Swan Theory and its Role in Financial Markets:

Nassim Nicholas Taleb's definition of a black swan is a large-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare event beyond the realm of normal expectations. Taleb regards many scientific discoveries as black swans–— "undirected" and unpredicted. Mr. Egger will describe this theory and explain how it applies to financial markets.

About the Speaker: Daniel Egger is the Founder and Chairman of Open Source Risk Management, Inc. to which be brings more than ten years of commercial software development, risk management, and finance experience. In 1992 he founded Libertech, a venture-backed search technology company, to commercialize pattern-matching algorithms he had developed and patented while doing graduate work in statistics and mathematical modeling. After selling Libertech in 1996, he joined Eno River Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund based in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, where he is currently Managing Partner.

Daniel is a graduate of Yale University and the Yale Law School, and clerked for Judge William Bryant of the United States District Court in Washington, DC. He was the first Howard Johnson Foundation Entrepreneur in Residence at Duke University, where he is an Adjunct Assistant Professor. Eight years ago Daniel founded what is now one of the best-known Business Plan competitions in the country, the Babcock Elevator Competition, in which students have two minutes to present their Plan while riding twenty floors in an elevator with the judges. Daniel has served as an organizer, lead investor, Board Member, and/or interim CEO for more than a dozen venture-backed technology startups. Three years ago Digital South Magazine named him one of its “Heroes of Southern Technology.”