Duke and Navy Agree to Enroll Nuclear-Trained Naval Officers in Master of Eng. Management Program

February 15, 2005

Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering and the U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program have agreed to establish a partnership that will enable nuclear-trained Navy officers to enroll in Pratt's Master of Engineering Management degree program.

The agreement signed February 9 formalizes a cooperative effort that began last semester. Two Navy officers are now students in the Master of Engineering Program, which integrates engineering and business principles to develop future leaders of technology-based organizations.

Under the agreement signed by Pratt Dean Kristina M. Johnson and Thomas H. Beckett, deputy director of Naval Reactors, Navy students will receive a partial fellowship from Pratt and advanced standing for prior Navy work for up to 12 credits.

"There is tremendous strategic advantage for the Navy to have people with technical degrees in our leadership ranks," Beckett said. "This partnership creates a beautiful mix of technical and business skills that will form the future leadership of the Navy."

Added Johnson, "This strategic alliance is an excellent fit for the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program and the Pratt School of Engineering because both are committed to advanced educational opportunities to train and develop future leaders. Both Pratt and the Navy understand the critical role of leadership and technology to be successful in today's world. The Master of Engineering Management Program mission is equally applicable to military leaders and leaders in the corporate world."