Feix wins MEMPC War Games Competition

April 6, 2015

La Tondra Murray and Alice FeixDuke MEM student Alice Feix was among the winners of the MEMPC PriSimBusiness War Games Competition.

During the four-week, online competition, seven cross-university teams from schools within the Master of Engineering Management Program Consortium (MEMPC), including Northwestern, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, USC, MIT, and Stanford participated in a business simulation where they acted as a management team taking over a domestic automobile company. The winning team was determined by how the competitors interacted, what new products were introduced and how these products were supported.

“This is a great experience for all of the students who participated in the PriSim Business War Games Competition," said Brad Fox, Associate Dean of Masters Programs and Executive Director of the Master of Engineering Management Program at Duke. "It requires participants to integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines and forces them to work in remote teams with students from other universities. It is a real-world experience and the skills learned can be directly translated to their careers."

“I am very happy to have participated,” Feix said. “What helped me the most in the competition was the experience I had with my team in the Marketing class."