Greg Twiss, Director, Product Design and Operations, Cisco Systems

Designers and the User Experience:

Greg Twiss is currently a Director of Product Design and Operations at Cisco Systems, Inc., and based in Research Triangle Park. He leads product design, test, and operations groups located in California, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Canada, and is currently building teams in Shanghai, China and Bangalore, India.

Before joining Cisco, Greg was a client manager and product designer at IDEO Product Development in Palo Alto, California. His most recent project was leading the mechanical engineering, industrial design, and human factors teams that developed the PalmV handheld computer for Palm Computing. Greg also helped launch "IDEO U", a consulting business seeking to improve client innovation processes.

Greg has a significant interest in product design practice with a particular focus on the role of improvisation and prototyping in product development, and incorporating methods for improving user-centered design. He has presented numerous academic seminars and is currently an Associate Adjunct Professor in the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University.