Kaustubh Kaushik: Developing Managerial Skills

January 28, 2023

The 2022 Duke Engineering Management master's graduate interned with e-commerce site Forbes Vetted

Hometown: Varanasi, India
Graduated: December 2022

“Duke has helped me develop managerial skills for high-tech organizations.”

Kaustubh Kaushik |Master of Engineering Management

What has been your best experience at Duke and the Pratt School of Engineering?

My best experience at the Pratt School of Engineering had to be the management simulation as part of 542: Competitive Strategy in Technology-Based Industries, a course taught by Tony O'Driscoll. The idea of creating shared value was the highlight of the experience.

What were your favorite courses?

I was part of several exciting and insightful courses at Duke. However, my favorites were 576: Design Thinking and Innovation taught by Kathie Amato, and Prof. Driscoll’s competitive strategies course.

Both courses were built on exploring the ideas of empathy and creating shared value for all stakeholders, especially users.

Duke has helped me develop managerial skills through courses like 540: Management of High-Tech Industries while allowing me to create the direct skills necessary to deliver products.

Where did you do your internship?

I interned at Forbes as a product management intern for their platform team. I worked on integrating various technological services with their Forbes Vetted and digital assets services.

During the final week of my internship, I reviewed the preliminary results of my initiatives, and I felt accomplished knowing that the initiatives showed encouraging results, with the digital wallet signups increasing by over 10 percent in just two weeks.

What are your career aspirations?

I want to work for companies that need people who can understand and work at the intersection of technology and business to deliver user-driven solutions. I plan to develop ideas and enterprises focused on enabling people's lives through technology built on the foundations of empathy, trust and inclusivity.

What advice would you give to students considering Duke Engineering?

Be curious and seek opportunities that push you out of your comfort zone because that’s where actual growth happens. your comfort zone.

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