MEMers snag "Best Insight" at DataFest 2015

May 5, 2015

Two MEM students, Hong Xu and Ruofei Wang, were among the winning team members of Duke's DataFest 2015, held March 20-22.

Over 200 students from Duke and area universities participated in this year's DataFest@Duke, one of seven ASA DataFest events that took place around the nation. Nationally over 600 students from 22 universities competed in this year's event, with data supplied by

The winners in the three prize categories are:

Best Visualization: Bayes' Anatomy - Duke University

  • David Clancy - Statistical Science + Mathematics, Junior
  • Gregory Poore - Biomedical Engineering, Junior
  • Michael Lin - Mathematics, Junior
  • Tori Hall - Statistical Science, Junior

Best Use of Outside Data: Type 3 Errors - Duke University

  • Justin Yu - Biomedical Engineering, Senior
  • Matt Tyler - Statistical Science, Senior

DataFest award winners

Best Insight: poke.R - Duke University (pictured above)

  • Hong Xu, Engineering Management, MEM
  • Ruofei Wang, Engineering Management, MEM
  • Yang Su, Statistical Science, MS
  • Yikun Zhou, Statistical & Economic Modeling, MS
  • Yuyin Gu, Environmental Management, MS

Read more about this year's event:

Congratulations, Hong and Ruofei!