Pratt Offers to Enroll Ten Engineering Management Graduate Students Displaced by Katrina

September 7, 2005

Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering will accommodate up to 10 graduate students studying for Master of Engineering Management and related degrees who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina and wish to continue coursework while their home institutions are closed.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Incoming students must be enrolled and in good academic standing at their home institution for the Fall semester (or equivalent quarter) of 2005 and should meet Duke admission requirements. Students who are eligible will enroll at Duke as visiting non-degree students for the Fall 2005 semester. Credit for courses taken at Duke will be determined by the home institution. Students are expected to return to their home campuses if they have reopened by the beginning of the Spring 2006 semester.

Tuition and Health Coverage

If students are paying tuition at their home institutions, Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering will not charge tuition or registration fees for courses taken during their stay at Duke. We will also waive application fees. The students will be responsible for all living expenses and must provide documentation of coverage under existing health insurance during the period of time they spend at Duke. Students will be required to pay Duke's health fee for the semester in which they are enrolled at Duke, but all other fees normally required of Duke graduate students will be waived.

Application Process

Interested students are asked to fill out a brief application form. Please contact Ms. Gail Abell, or 919.660.5455, or Professor Jeffrey Glass, or 919.660.5431 with any questions. We ask you to make every effort to undertake the abbreviated application process and come to the Duke campus as quickly as possible and plan to be in classes no later than September 12, 2005 (and earlier if at all possible) so that you may be integrated into the courses that are already underway.