Puja Majety: Developing Web Products to Support K-12 Education

January 31, 2023

The December 2022 master's graduate interned with PowerSchool

Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Graduation: December 2022

Duke is an amazing place to be. The courses are revealing, and you learn a lot that you will retain for life.”

Puja Majety | Master of Engineering Management

What have been your best experiences at Duke and the Pratt School of Engineering?

It is definitely the professors, the coursework and the facilities. The professors are the reason I go to class, and the campus and facilities at Duke are unparalleled. Other great things are the events and activities that students can host, enhancing our skills further.

What was your favorite course?

My favorite course was 514: Negotiations and Consultative Selling in Technology. The course took me by surprise. Where I expected to learn how to become street smart, it taught me to be ethical, deal with the “right-versus-right” situations, understand my partner's interests and creatively “make the pie bigger.” This was done through practicing negotiations in class and during a "one red paperclip” trading exercise.

Where did you do your internship?

I interned over the summer at PowerSchool as a product line intern. I learned a lot about K-12 education and the enrollment process in the United States. More importantly, I interacted with schools and school districts to formulate initiatives and prioritize them. I also worked cross-functionally with the sales, services, project, implementation and support teams, in addition to the engineering and design team.

What are your career aspirations?

I am looking to continue my journey in product management in the technology space. I am always looking to increase my knowledge and develop new skills professionally and personally. I want to learn from everyone I meet and share my experiences.

What advice would you give to students considering Duke Engineering?

Duke is an amazing place to be. The courses are revealing, and you learn a lot that you will retain for life. When it gets tough, as Dumbledore says, “Help is given to those who ask for it.” Ask for help if you need anything—your classmates, the Pratt School of Engineering professors and Duke will always help you. Connect with senior students, they always have the best advice—even if you’re just looking for places to explore in Durham or North Carolina. And, have fun!

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