Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

November 7, 2013

MEM and other graduate students from Duke recently attended the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers' Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN. In addition to taking part in conference activities, they also staffed a booth highlighting Duke's graduate programs in engineering. MEMer Jonathan Cabeza Delgado shares his thoughts on the experience.

"After being part of the MEM family for three semesters, I was able to share with fellow engineers how valuable this program has been during my development as a professional and as a human being. Attending the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Conference was always a must as an undegrad in order to improve the chances of finding a career in industry. This time, on the other end of the booth, I reached out to several Latino engineers to let them know what a master's degree in Engineering Management can do for them and how it can jump-start their careers. I also explained how it allows you to step out of your comfort zone and sample different areas of interest, which allows you to potentially find a new passion. Most importantly, I was able to share real-life experiences about how everything we learn in the MEM program can be used at work or to get that dream job you always wanted. Unfortunately, I was not aware that this program existed when I graduated college. However, I believe that it was my duty to let other fellow engineers know that this option is available; with an MEM degree, the sky is the limit."


We appreciate all the students who staffed our booth at the event, and we hope they all had a great time at the conference!student attendees