Special Panel Discussion - The Hogg Family

April 10, 2008

From Construction to NASCAR:

Transitions in the Life of a Family Business

The Hogg Family:

Jim, President and CEO, Hogg Construction

Pat, Vice President of HR, Hogg Construction

Andrew, Engineer, Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

Stephen, Engineer, Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

In this moderated panel discussion, the Hogg family will discuss working with family members, transitioning a family business to the next generation and choices between the family business or a new career. Jim Hogg began his career in IBM and Sperry but ultimately took over Hogg Construction from his father in 1995. Pat and Jim now work together at Hogg Construction and have increased the size of the business by more than 10 times. Andy and Steve, their sons and MEM alumni, decided not to go into the family business and now work for one of the premier NASCAR racing teams, Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

Some questions the panel will explore include:

• What are the difficulties in taking over a business from a family member? How did you overcome them?

• When did you know you would (for Jim) or would not (Andy and Steve) enter the family business?

• When family members work closely together (Pat and Jim) in the same business how do you prevent the business ups and downs from impacting life at home?

• What are the differences and similarities between the construction business and the NASCAR business from an Engineering Management perspective?

• How did Duke’s SAE racing team and MEMP prepare you for the NASCAR business?

Attendees will then be given the opportunity to ask questions of the panel.