Winter MEMories

January 9, 2009

The fall semester was extremely busy for MEM students. Somewhere between building a roller coaster for Dr. Fox's project management class, sampling the finest cuisine that the world has to offer at the International Food Fest, and sorting through page upon page of corporate finance cases for Professor Skender, the semester came and went.

Many students who weren't leaving Durham for the winter break had a lot of free time on their hands after the dust settled in the fall term. The MEM program opted to set up some winter fun for these folks and found it hard to resist joining in!

MEM students on a hikeThere were several screenings of various movies and shows in the MEM student room. Fargo, The Big Lebowski, and season one of Flight of the Conchords were all well attended. There were also several afternoons of game playing with Uno Attack quickly emerging as an MEM favorite. There was also a Trivial Pursuit tournament which was won commandingly by Vekram Jenarthanan. Additionally, there was a side trip to the Nasher Museum of Art and a visit from MEM staffer Susan Brown's baby, Jack.

Perhaps the most delightful event of this week of frosty cheer was a winter hike through the Duke Forest. We spent an afternoon appreciating the trees and the birds and all of the wonderful things that nature has to offer that we never seem to have enough time to enjoy. We didn't see any lions, tigers, or bears, but we did laugh a lot and surely this hike will be a sweet MEMory for each of us.