February 10, 2005

Duke Engineers to Collaborate with Saudi Arabia’s Effat College on Computer Engineering Curriculum

Duke Engineering and Saudi Arabia's Effat College, a privately funded women's college, will collaborate on the first undergraduate engineering curriculum for women in Saudi Arabia.

June 01, 2004

Engineers Lead Volleyball Champs

Duke men's club volleyball team, with nine engineering students and coached by a Pratt alumnus, fought its way to a first-ever national championship in April

May 10, 2004

Duke Awards Degrees to 294 Engineering Undergraduate and Graduate Students

A series of ceremonies began with a university-wide commencement exercise in Wallace Wade Stadium and ended with a rousing ceremony in Duke Chapel.

October 15, 2003

Entrepreneurialism Lures Annu Sood to Software Company

When asked what drew engineer Annu Sood to her job at a software company, she quickly responds, "the company's entrepreneurial spirit."