Brian Wurster

Brian Wurst
Class Year: 
Job Title / Company: 
Structural Engineer / Stantec

Briefly describe your d-MEMP experience, including the impact on your career.

Through the d-MEMP program I broadened my professional network and learned valuable skills that have advanced my career. The combination of interpersonal skills (communication, emotional IQ, etc.) and hard skills (financial and schedule management, resource planning, etc.) have eased the transition from engineer to manager and accelerated my career advancement.

How did the program's flexibility suit your needs? How were you able to manage the program with your work/home life?

The flexibility of both the program itself and all the people involved (professors, staff, and peers) made the program manageable even when work and home life got busy. By nature, a program like this attracts hard-working and busy people, and the program is set up to accommodate that.

What advice would you give to prospective applicants?

Look at the courses offered in the program and see if they interest you. If they do, talk to other people at work and see if those classes relate to skills you would benefit from having in your professional (or personal) life. If so, come up with a plan for how you see your education in the program unfolding. This will give you the best idea if you should apply and attend.