Nathan Singer

Nathan Singer
Class Year: 
Job Title / Company: 
Project Manager / Cooper Tire

Briefly describe your d-MEMP experience, including the impact on your career.

The d-MEMP program was the perfect program for me. I wanted to complete my graduate degree quickly, yet not give up my full-time position. I also wanted the opportunity to network and engage with other students all over the world. The Duke d-MEMP program was the perfect solution. The on-demand classes, the video lectures, the group projects, and the residencies were a great combination to make this program a success.

This program has given me confidence to further my career. Achieving a degree from Duke was always a far-fetched dream of mine. Now, it has become a reality and it has laid a great foundation for me to pursue a career with no limits.

How did the program's flexibility suit your needs? How were you able to manage the program with your work/home life?

The ability to watch the lectures at my availability was very appreciated. I traveled a few times to different countries during the program, so having the ability to download the lectures and watch when internet access was limited was helpful. Also, the professors were flexible as well with my travels and adjusted submission dates to help accommodate delayed flights, busy working hours, etc.

What advice would you give to prospective applicants?

The advice I would give others is to immediately apply what you are learning to your job. Since I was working full-time during this program, I was able to do this and it made my experience more impactful and rewarding. School didn't feel like a chore anymore with that mindset. I hate to say it, but school was kind of fun! When we finally have the opportunity to apply what we learn, the rewards we reap are satisfying. Since I had the privilege to do that while taking classes and working full-time, it made the experience even more exciting.