Online Learning Technologies

In the classroom, online students interact with faculty and work in teams

Duke MEM Online students take the same courses as their campus counterparts. Project teams, of four to six students, are made of up both MEM Online and campus students.

The MEM Online student experience begins with the first of three residencies at Duke. At the residency, online students integrate with campus MEM students, meet faculty, and learn about Duke’s online learning technologies.

This includes training in the technologies our online students use to participate in live courses and to view recorded courses.

Our online students use a variety of technologies to support group assignments and projects. Faculty determine which technologies are used for each class. Students leverage teleconferencing and email to work with fellow students.

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Duke MEM Online students take the same classes and earn the same degree as students in our campus program.

Participating in Class

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Viewing Classes

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The Duke Master of Engineering Management Online program (Duke MEM Online) was previously known as the Distributed Master of Engineering Management program (d-MEMP).