A semester-long, student-led project at the intersection of engineering and business

Duke's Consulting and Industrial Practicum Program offers Duke Master of Engineering Management students the opportunity to work on real-world consulting projects offered by Duke's industry partners.

  • Five projects are conducted each semester, as sections of elective course EGRMGMT 556
  • A supervising faculty member selects four to six student-consultants per project
  • Students conduct regular conferences and meetings with project sponsors

Each project culminates in a final presentation to executives and the delivery of a professional report.

Project Types

  • Market Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Planning
  • Strategy Development
  • System-Model Development
  • Implementation
  • Tech Development

Benefits for students

  • Apply course concepts to an authentic problem
  • Experience real-world, team-based work
  • Gain exposure to true-to-life challenges, such as ambiguity and change
  • Conduct data gathering and analyze data for strategic insights


Joseph Holmes

Director, Practicum Program