Online Tuition and Financial Aid


Duke MEM Online tuition for the 2021-2022 academic year is $7,365‬ per course taken at the university. Students generally take two courses per semester over four semesters, though we offer flexibility to those who want to extend the program.

In general, completion of the eight required program courses would result in a total tuition cost of $58,920. Please note that course credits earned through the internship requirement do not incur tuition charges.

2021-2022 Tuition, Fees, and Estimated Expenses

Tuition $58,920 ($14,730 per semester)*
Transcript Fee $120*
Residency Fee $3,600 ($1,200/residency)
Books $632*
TOTAL $63,272

*Students typically take 2 courses per semester. Tuition, fees, and estimates subject to confirmation each May.

Domestic students can estimate $108 in loan fees per semester if securing student loans.

The expected course load for online students is 2 courses (6 units) per semester and the expected program duration is 4 semesters. Students taking fewer than 2 courses (6 units) may pay $2,361 per unit.

No tuition is charged for course credits received for internship, internship assessment, or residency courses. There is a room and board fee associated with residency.

There is no charge for Registration for students in the MEM program.


Tuition is charged on a per semester basis, based on 2 courses per semester.  The tuition per semester for 2021-2022 is $14,730.

Transcript Fee

All entering students will be charged in the first semester a one-time mandatory fee of $120 for transcripts.  This fee entitles the student to an unlimited number of Duke transcripts.

Transportation and Parking

Online MEMP students will be responsible for arranging their own travel to Duke, but transportation and parking will be provided once on campus.

Payment of Accounts

The Office of the Bursar will issue invoices to registered students for tuition, fees, and other charges approximately four to six weeks prior to the beginning of classes each semester.  The total amount due on the invoice is payable by the invoice late payment date which is normally one week prior to the beginning of classes.  A student is required to pay all invoices as presented and will be in default if the total amount is not paid in full by the due date.  A student in default will not be allowed to receive a transcript of academic records or receive a diploma at graduation.  Inquire at the Bursar’s Office (919) 684-3531, for information on the following:  Monthly Payment Option; Late Payment Charge; Refunds for Withdrawal from School during fall and spring semesters.

Financial Aid

Because the Master of Engineering Management Program is a professional degree rather than a research degree, most students pay their own tuition costs. The Pratt School of Engineering's Policies and Procedures Manual for Financial Aid can be downloaded here. MEM Online students should consider the following options.


Many students take out loans and feel there will be an excellent "return on investment" when they get out into the workforce.

US citizens and eligible non-citizens are able to borrow through the Federal Stafford Loan Program. Applicants for assistance through this program must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which may be completed online at

When completing the online form, students will be asked for Duke’s school code—it is 002920.

Maximum eligibility under the Stafford Unsubsidized Loan Program is $20,500 per year. For further information on the FAFSA and the Stafford Loan Program, please call (800) 433-3243.

International applicants are not eligible for Federal loans. However, many international students take out loans in their home countries, and some US banks may offer loans to international students for study in the US.

Duke University maintains information on lenders for citizens, permanent residents, and non-US citizens—See this information here

Students awarded Federal loans must make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree—Guidelines may be found here

Veterans Benefits

Duke University offers information for veterans who are applying for VA benefits, including the Yellow Ribbon Program.

The Duke Master of Engineering Management Online program (Duke MEM Online) was previously known as the Distributed Master of Engineering Management program (d-MEMP).