Seminar & Workshop Series

Our students learn critical skills from dedicated experts

Through our professional development seminar and workshop series, Duke Engineering Management students develop professional skills through a weekly seminar and workshop series.

Students are required to complete seven (7) workshops organized through course EGRMGMT 501. It is offered in both the spring and fall semesters.

Like symbol-thumbs up“This seminar really helped students realize that people around us have quite different cultural and career backgrounds. The seminar also offered ideas for us to promote ourselves, which was quite useful.”

Student Seminar Feedback
Fall 2018

Seminars and Workshops

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Seminar Speakers

Spring 2021

  • Betsy Grider (BA ’04), Chief Strategy Officer, Patron Technology [Technology Development & Commercialization]
  • Anand Saokar (MBA ‘07), Director, Supply Chain, Lowe’s [Operations & Supply Chain Management]
  • Gowri Rao Krishnamurthy (MEM ’11), Product Manager, Facebook [Product Management]
  • Jessica Lesesky, Chief Revenue Officer, Spoonflower [Tech Founders & Innovators]
  • Chip Franzén (BA, ’09), Data Science Lead, Granular [Data Analytics & Machine Learning]
  • Erik Anderson (MEM, ’18), Clinical Applications Specialist, Synaptive Medical [Customer Experience & Product Design]
  • Kelly Ennis Pelehach (BA ’08), Group Manager, Global Supply Management – Software & Connectivity, Tesla [Operations & Supply Chain Management]
  • Bhargav Kode, (MEM ’08), Product, RevenueWell [Product Management]
  • Simone Pitre (BS, BA ‘16), Senior Marketing Analyst, Mastercard [Data Analytics & Machine Learning]
  • Swetha Iyer (MEM ’16), VP, Bank of America [Technology Development & Commercialization]
  • Somana Konganda (MEM ’06), Director, GM Global Store, Amazon


Fall 2020

  • La Tondra Murray, Ph.D., Director, Online and Distance Education, Adjunct Associate Professor, Pratt School of Engineering
  • Rodney Evans, partner, The Ready, on “The Future of Work”
  • Deirdre Diamond, Founder & CEO, CyberSN [Technology Founders & Innovators]
  • Kandyce Kindell, Director of Operations, Carpe [Operations & Supply Chain Management]
  • Ziwen Deng, Senior Account Manager, Walk Me (BA ’14) [Customer Experience & Product Design]
  • Nishanth Lingamneni, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft (MEM ’06) [Technology Development and Commercialization]*
  • Supply Chain & Clean Energy Speaker [Operations & Supply Chain Management]
  • Murali Bhogavalli, Senior Product Manager – Data & Analytics, Tinder (MEM’08) [Data & Product Management]*
  • Grady Slane, Group Product Manager, Pendo (BA ’10) [Product Management]
  • Nebo Iwenofu, Technical Analytics Associate, Facebook (MEM ’18) [Data Analytics & Machine Learning]*
  • AJ Ford, VP of Skin Health, Medline Industries, Inc. (MEM ’11, MS BME ‘11) [Product Management]*

* Duke Engineering graduate


Spring 2021

  • Time Management
  • Keys to Success: My First Job (After Grad School)
  • Culture Active
  • Tech Topics Seminar: Cybersecurity
  • The Importance of Saying No
  • Writing a Research Report
  • Keys to Success: Working Remotely
  • Achieving Objectives in Organizations
  • Better at Interviews: Explaining how You Align with the Opportunity
  • Keys to Success: Internships

Fall 2020

  • 7 Habits for Highly Effective People
  • Aging in the U.S.
  • Art of Self Promotion
  • Build Relationships That Accelerate Success
  • Business Etiquette Luncheon
  • Culture Active
  • Ethics & STEM
  • Improvisational Theater: Professional Applications
  • Introduction to Product Management
  • Leading with Laughter
  • Learning to Fail
  • On-Camera Communication
  • Pursuing Professional Excellence: The Importance of Gender Equity
  • Storytelling Skills for Engineers
  • Strengths Finder Coaching Sessions
  • The Future of Work
  • Understanding U.S. Politics
  • Wellness & Self Care

Lightbulb icon"This amazing activity boosted the spirit of teamwork as well as induced strategic thinking in all team members. I participated with an amazing set of people who were open to ideas and respected each other's point of view."

Student Workshop Feedback—"Electric Maze"
Fall 2018