Campus residencies create an authentic community for online students

During each of the three, week-long residencies, you will:

  • Forge strong professional relationships
  • Hear from expert speakers
  • Participate in engaging, hands-on workshops
  • Enjoy informal social opportunities with peers

Residency Schedule

1. Orientation

Fall Year 1—A week before the classes start

The First Residency kicks off your experience as a Duke MEM Online student. Highlights include learning-technology overviews, in-person faculty interaction and social activities with your student cohort.

2. Mid-Program

Between Years 1 and 2—A week in July

The Second Residency allows you to connect further with Duke faculty and your cohort. Seminars and workshops focus on professional development and hands-on business simulations. Social activities build strong professional relationships.

3. Capstone

Spring Year 2—Week of May Graduation

The culmination of this degree program. The Third Residency provides a forum for final presentations and assessments. Social activities bring the cohort together for a final shared experience. At the end of the week, you participate in in-person commencement ceremonies at Duke.

Residency Dates

Dates by Cohort

2022 Cohort

  • Residency 3:  Sunday, May 5th – Sunday, May 12th, 2024 (Commencement starts May 10th)

2023 Cohort

  • Residency 1:  Sunday, August 6th – Friday, August 11th, 2023
  • Residency 2:  Sunday, July 21st – Friday, July 26th, 2024

  • Residency 3: To be announced, 2025

2024 Cohort

  • Residency 1:  Sunday August 18th – Friday, August 23rd, 2024
  • Residency 2:  To be announced, 2025
  • Residency 3:  To be announced, 2026

Dates by Calendar Year


  • Cohort 2022 Residency 3:  Sunday, May 5th – Sunday, May 12th
  • Cohort 2023 Residency 2:  Sunday, July 21st – Friday, July 26th
  • Cohort 2024 Residency 1:  Sunday, August 18th  – Friday, August 23rd